Dear tenants,

As we have now moved into Level 1 and there has been an easing of some of the regulations around the use of common spaces, we have made updates and amendments to our House Rules.


During Level 1, the following updates will be made to SouthPoint’s current House Rules:

  • TV rooms and study rooms will begin to be opened and available for use by students, although social distancing will still need to be observed.

  • Decommissioned facilities in the bathrooms and kitchens will be reinstated, to better accommodate the increased number of students returning to our buildings.

  • Although we are in Level 1, students are still required to wear masks when in the common areas (anywhere in the building outside your room)

  • Any student or visitor who is not wearing a mask will be denied entry into a SouthPoint building.


Visitors will be allowed entry into SouthPoint buildings as per our normal visitor guidelines.

Please note that only two visitors will be allowed ‘per door’ at any given time. i.e. you cannot have more than four people (e.g. two legal tenants and two visitors) in a two-sharing room and you cannot have more than two people (e.g. one legal tenant and one visitor) in a single room

The national curfew time has been extended from 10pm to midnight. When the curfew is in effect no tenant will be allowed entry or exist unless in the case of emergencies.

The changes above will be implemented across all the SouthPoint buildings, nationally in the next 5 business days. 

Please note that the safety protocols and SouthPoint House Rules may be amended should be there a directive from the National Command Council that affect the organisation and one’s health.

Stay safe!




  • Kearabetswe Molondolozi
    25th Sep 2020

    What do u mean the changes will be made in next 5 business days?
    Can I bring the visitor today?

  • Anelisa Khwelemthini
    25th Sep 2020

    Can those who are at home go back to their respective residences or must they have approval from their institutions?

  • Svuno Mbatha
    26th Sep 2020

    Do we still need a lease for those who are coming back under LL2 restrictions?

  • Khanimamba
    26th Sep 2020

    For residential tenants, are sleep overs now allowed too?

  • AJ
    26th Sep 2020

    Dear SP
    Please allow me to return to res at New Market Junction. I’m a first year student and I still haven’t been given the green light by SP to return. Most of my classmates are back at their respective residences and have been attending extra classes offered by our lecturers at CPUT. I run the risk of failing simply because the course I’m doing can not be effectively tutored online. I hope to return to try and salvage the rest of the year.

  • Qaqamba
    27th Sep 2020

    So I received an email informing me that I’m part of the 66% of students that are required to go back to Res and I was told to contact my res coordinator about that. I’m supposed to be going back tomorrow coz that’s the date I selected for my return, but I haven’t got an email or anything from SP

  • Zukiswa Ngxamngxa
    27th Sep 2020

    Are we still required to apply to move back in to res, so you can monitor numbers.

  • Lesedi
    28th Sep 2020

    Hey. What if I want to move back in from home?

  • Khanimamba
    28th Sep 2020

    Hi. Does this include sleep overs?

  • asanda
    29th Sep 2020

    why are sleepovers not allowed yet
    if the person can already enter the building, what’s so bad bout them sleeping in the building

  • Marvellous
    30th Sep 2020

    Are sleep overs allowed under level regulations

  • Hlumelo
    1st Oct 2020

    How long does it take for the form of the returning students to be approved by SP.

  • Evelyn
    1st Oct 2020

    Just so I get this corretly, the rule about visitors… If I’m in a single room, I’m only allowed one visitor thus making us 2 in the room or am I allowed 2 visitors?

  • Nqobi
    2nd Oct 2020

    Now that its the 2rd of October. Are visitors allowed. As in can someone visit my Res tomorrow?

  • Mpumelelo
    2nd Oct 2020

    None of these new rules are implemented here in PE. We’ve been told to wait.

  • Lee
    6th Oct 2020

    So the curfew is midnight, meaning I have to make it before midnight

  • Anathi
    15th Oct 2020

    When is the return to Res online portal opening I have received a letter from school(CPUT) stating I may return to Res in level 1.

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