Dear student,

As South Africa moves into Level 3 from 01 June 2020, South Point and the universities are gearing up for the return of students to contact learning and residential living. It’s important to note that South Point will take a phased approach to students returning to its residences, in line with the phased return-to-learning methodology taken by the institutions. As we work together to plan a safe return to residence, we ask you to make note of the following important details:

USE THE ONLINE APPLICATION PORTAL: SouthPoint has developed an online application portal that will involve a health screening. Please note that the online screening is compulsory.

MEET THE CRITERIA: Under Level 3, a maximum of 33% of the student population will be allowed to return to campuses and residences. As outlined by the Minister of Higher Education, Dr Blade Nzimande, only students who meet specific criteria will be able to return. Criteria to meet prior to applying on the portal:

a) Students who are in the final year of their programmes, scheduled to graduate in 2020; or

b) Final year students who require access to labs, tech equipment, data and connectivity; or

c) Final year students who require access to labs, tech equipment, data and connectivity; or

d) Health Science students in all years of study who require clinical training; or Post-Grad students who require lab and tech equipment; or
e) Vulnerable students who face extreme difficulties in their home learning environments. 

AWAIT THE ONLINE PORTAL OPENING DATE: You will not be able to return to residence until you receive an official communication from SouthPoint; our online portal will accept applications from 08 June 2020.

MAKE SURE YOUR ACCOUNT IS UP-TO-DATE: Only students whose accounts are up-to-date will be able to return.

For your peace of mind, please note that we are running an ongoing decontamination programme and extensive health and safety protocols in our buildings and that other students will return in limited numbers over an extended period of time while following the same two-step process.

If you have any queries or concerns around the return process, or your account, please contact (please note that this email address is only monitored during standard
office working hours, so there may be a delay in our response to after-hours queries).

Stay safe, South Point


  • Gift
    28th May 2020

    These are good news considering how some of us as students struggle to study in our respective homes

  • Nokwanda
    28th May 2020

    There are many home chores and distractions at home. Therefor studying really becomes difficult.

  • Khensani Mhlanga
    28th May 2020

    At school we are told to come back on the 8th so can’t you open the portal earlier

  • Percy
    28th May 2020

    Why not allow those students that will not be allowed to return to their rooms just to come and fetch their clothes cause is very cold and we don’t have winter cloths with us. With this I bef

  • Rinavho
    28th May 2020

    I totally understand it when south point claims that only 33% of students will be allowed to go back to res….well my question still stand that if your number of students you want get accommodated what about other students who will be left behind but still need to go back to res?…………no black student must be left behind

  • Mpho Khiba
    28th May 2020

    What about those who won’t be able to return to res, will they be at least allowed to come fetch stuff they need?

  • Fanelesibonge
    28th May 2020

    I sent an email a long time ago yet it has not been taken to notice cause I didn’t receive anything back

    What happens to Star School learners cause they are basically considered as grade 12 students and I’m from another province

  • Precious Gulwa
    28th May 2020

    I’m not a final year student but I have to come back because my school is reopening and I need all tech equipment eyy I’m an engineering student

  • Ntando
    28th May 2020

    When u say account up to date what do you mean . We use Nsfas N we not controlling how they make payments . You really are inconsiderate ..

  • Benedict
    28th May 2020

    b & c are the same, I assume it’s mistake or some information is missing on one of those… Can you also tell us the steps we should take or who to contact to terminate our leases.

  • Yvonnne Ngwaqa
    28th May 2020

    good evening,
    I’m returning to work on Monday due to finishing my practicals.
    What are the requirements needed for me to get back to rest on Monday, all my work suits are at res
    Your respond will be appreciated
    Thank you

  • Dorothy Sefara
    28th May 2020

    How can I access the online screening?

  • Ompabaletse Montja
    28th May 2020

    So how will you know if students are living under extreme circumstances like myself

    I live in a shack with my grandma and my cousins,I can’t study during the day because of the noice and at night it’s cold.

  • Charmain Moetjie
    28th May 2020

    We are supposed to be returning on the 8th of June according to the university. So if that is the date your applications open when will we get the acceptance? Or is it an immediate acceptance? Also it may be that parents or whoever is paying ( for private paying individuals) may have been retrenched. What sort of remedy does south point have in place for these people? Repo rates have been decreased twice, it is only fair and right to offer some sort of relief for students.
    We are all in this together after all.

  • Khutso
    28th May 2020

    I’m supposed to start classes on the 8th June.when am I allowed to occupy my room.

  • Kutlwano
    28th May 2020

    So I do I know that my account is active and what do I need to do to get back

  • Palesa Masithela
    28th May 2020

    I totally understand that🥺but from my side my area is experiencing a lot of load shedding and I am finding it hard to takkle with my school work. I’m living in thokoza and if you guys can google and search the latest news we are experiencing load shedding. May I please please head back cause I’m honestly not surviving. I missed a couple of tests and missed 1 assignment submission. Please please please.

  • Dumisani Zulu
    28th May 2020

    Where can we find the link of the online application portal for screening?

  • Amend Khoza
    28th May 2020

    I face difficulties like loadshedding and Network..and I left my books that are needed for exam preparation 💔

  • Karabo
    28th May 2020

    I am facing extreme conditions I live in a township and I have no electricity and I always encounter network connectivity issues
    Please bring me back

    28th May 2020

    I hate to say this but some of us are really not copying with this onine learning.. first and foremost the location we are in seems to lack a network connectivity as some of us leave in rural areas..and it not only that the environment we leaving in does not do justice for us as it become very difficult to study home and writes test.Sometimes we even face loadshedding at a very crucial time like for instance tuesday i was writing my test at 17h00 and it was a 45min test but Eskom decided to do the unbelievable and i didn’t write test but it not all that sometimes it hard to do this home studying with the community we leaving with and one may end up committing suicide.,As much as we as a country are trying to save lifes due to this pandemic.. but some of us are dying slowly due to the workload we having while staying at home and nothing is getting better with this.

  • Tsoanelo
    29th May 2020

    Please specify on the kind of difficulties y’all are talking about in terms of vulnerable students. Because at this point every student is vulnerable as we all seek that privacy for us to be able to study . Some of us including me stay in households of about ten people it is even difficult to attend midday online sessions.

  • Luscious Tamisani Munyai
    29th May 2020

    I would like to know where do I access the online application portal.

  • Marema
    29th May 2020

    Got it

  • Marema
    29th May 2020

    Thanks for the update

  • Marema
    29th May 2020

    Thanks for the info

  • Remaketse
    30th May 2020

    I know getting back will also be a risk but some of us aren’t able to study enough here at home….the environment isn’t healthy enough…..we experiencing a lot of eskom cutoff…the networks aren’t working probably..we end up messing other lessons ..assignments ..practical because of that so please ….do something about us coming back

  • Sinovuyo
    30th May 2020

    What about us who live in deep rural areas? Because we are experiencing network connections. This is very bad for us guys. I even left everything in my room including my laptop.

  • Tshepang Modise
    31st May 2020

    It’s not fair especially to private payers as most of them Are in private colleges this means we not getting any free data from the government we need the wifi from res our accounts have been paid and we still can’t go back even on level it all doesnt make it fair on our parents who now have to buy us data which is not cheap and still pay rent in theses critical times … we ask S.P to bare with us and allow us back in we promise to adhere to every rule and we need a good learning environment of which we don’t get when we are at home this is serious and decisions should be taken considering other people

    31st May 2020

    Return to res

  • Khabonina
    1st Jun 2020

    I’m facing real difficulties studying here at home 😭

  • Lefa Mafoko
    1st Jun 2020

    Honestly, i just want to say that every measure or precaution taken by South Point is extremely necessary.

  • Masego
    2nd Jun 2020

    Where can we find online application return to Res forms for vulnerable students.

  • Lebogang
    2nd Jun 2020

    Where can we send in our applications?

  • MS Mbatha
    2nd Jun 2020

    i am one of those students who face difficulties at home its been two weeks now i do not have electricity, and it is not a load shading it is a problem from the transformer and i found it hard every time when i had to charge my laptop because i have to go the other side of community and i do not know anyone that side and giving people your laptop is a big risk. i wrong an email and addressed my issue but i got a respond that says the tickets are closed and the reason why i could not write the email on time is because i did not have electricity that time so i saw the email late. I really need a ticket to go to South Point.

  • Nomaindia Nkunkwana
    3rd Jun 2020

    Some of our text books and laptops are at South Point. How are we gonna send applications!

  • Miclas
    8th Jun 2020

    I left my laptop at south point I want to type assignment so at home I face challenge

  • Pontsho Dube
    13th Jun 2020

    I applied for the intake the very same day when they opened the applications but till today I’m waiting for the response, I didn’t get any.

    • avatar
      South Point
      15th Jun 2020

      Hi Pontsho – so sorry to hear that. Our humble apologies.

      We have emailed you your attached letter of confirmation for travel purposes.

      We look forward to having you back at South Point.

  • Lethabo
    18th Jun 2020

    I applied for the return but am required a medical certificate while other students were not told about that.You guys are not being fair.

  • Moloko Mabitsi
    19th Jun 2020

    I have applied to come back to res, I was struggling to attach the letter from UJ but still haven’t received any feedback
    I have practical classes to attend on the 22nd and I’m still in Limpopo waiting for your confirmation

    • avatar
      South Point
      20th Jun 2020

      Hi Moloko, your request has been noted. Kindly await our final step of clearance and be sure to revert to the portal once SMS confirmation has been received. Should the scheduled date not work well academically, feel free to return earnestly and be sure to present proof of academic activity (academic letter) on the desired date of return.

  • sibongile
    22nd Jun 2020

    I applied for the return to res student several times, i’m still waiting for the response till today. i live at my friend”s house and i real struggle to study here. i am also doing my in-serve training,

    • avatar
      South Point
      23rd Jun 2020

      Hi Sibongile – we are currently processing applications for your building. Kindly email, should your status not change by the end of the week.

  • Nolubabalo
    26th Jun 2020

    Hi i have emailed and applied to return to residence due to the place I’m currently staying at and struggle to do online learning as this is supposed to be my graduation year ,it is so difficult to study with so many challenges one’s experiencing
    please do reply to my application and email

    • avatar
      South Point
      26th Jun 2020

      Hi Nolubabalo – please ensure that you have been confirmed to return and communicating with your institution regarding this. Kindly revisit the portal to upload your university-released permit or letter where requested for.

  • Vusumuzi
    27th Jul 2020

    Am experiencing difficulties at home , as a result I struggle with online learning.
    I would kindly like to return to res

    • avatar
      South Point
      27th Jul 2020

      Hi Vusumuzi – kindly see the return-to-res process:

      For head-lease students (SMU, CPUT, MUT & NMU) please consult your university’s housing office, prior to applying via the abovementioned process, to ensure that you are also included on the list provided by these respective institutions.


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