The month of August is all about the powerful women in history that South Africa proudly boasts about to other nations. in the same light, South Africa also appreciates and acknowledges the individual women who live among us and continue to break the mould each and everyday.

As South Point, we took it upon ourselves to run with a campaign we have titled she-spiration which is aimed at inspiring young women and letting them know that anything is possible and nothing is beyond their reach. in that same spirit, one of our students wrote a beautiful poem which we have decided to dedicate to all South Point female students nationally as well as all women at large.

Iqhawekazi elimelimfazwe, Indoni eyakhillizwe

Inene uyngelosi yomhlaba

Ndikothulelu’qhiya mazi yakuthi, Ndithi ngxatsho kani bafazi bakowethu

African women fights to birth the vision


She fights to win because it’s her duty to win

Her ambition will grow like a seed that has fallen down

The mark that will never fade

The vision of power and glory

The only woman who know to sing a secret song

The woman who was once judged for being a woman

So gentle, yet so strong

You could tell she wasn’t from the same place as the rest

Born strong

Born wrong

The woman who rised during oppression

She- spiration

Wathinta abafazi, wathina imbokodo

Oh… She- spiration

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