Looking On Point: Why Should You Choose South Point?

Looking On Point: Why Should You Choose South Point?

The OGs of the game are here to help you. With nearly two decades of being in existence, SouthPoint houses imaginative youth who are able to live out their best lives in an environment that enables them to do so, an environment that allows you to Student Better!

We’re all about:

  • Community: creating safe spaces for student friendships and mutual relationships to develop.
  • Diversity: allowing for all people to be socially accepted, valued and appreciated across our South Point platform.
  • Student Lifestyle: embracing student creatives, through artistry (poetry, dance, music, painting), collective passions (jogging, fitness and sports) and providing exposure through our respective platforms (online and physical events/gatherings) i.e. Mr and Miss South Point and HER Society.

Our Brand Values are:

  • Equality: a space embodying respect, promoting free of choice, where people live together in harmony.
  • Care: our desire is to see a friendly, personal and helpful atmosphere across our South Point portfolio.
  • Reliability: our buildings are well secure with 24/7 front-desk officers, ethical in living spaces promoted by our House Rules and efficient service through out handy South Point App.
  • Creativity: We strive towards innovation by ensuring tech-centric solutions, embracing creative freedom through artistic platforms like the South Point Clic Media House, and driving possiblity through envolving projects and campaigns in and around our living spaces.
  • Ubuntu: We are focused on building community through our shared living spaces, embracing humanity by creating social platforms and our involvement in efforts such as Mandela Day, and furthering teamwork through working with students living across our buildings.

Next Steps:

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