Gallery Wednesday

Gallery Wednesday

South Point Clic is an agency that strives on producing and appreciating creativity and those within the creative space. We then had a thought that let us take this week to appreciate art and hence we came up with the concept “Gallery Wednesday.”

Gallery wednesday involves us profiling a gallery and also taking a look at the art that is being showcased in the gallery and which artists showcase their art there.

This week we took a trip to BKhz which is on Juta Street. BKhz has managed to bring the beauty of art to the youth. Since its birth, BKhz has had a total of 4 exhibitions in the space namely Behind The Lens, A Letter To My 22 Year Old Self, What Do Painters Do All Day? and Love Is.

Despite the amazing ambiance and colours that evoke emotion, BKhz is now viewing a show called Process. The show means artists such as Keneilwe Mokoena, who is known for making beautiful multidisciplinary art, gets the platform to showcase her work in a space where people can see her build her piece from nothing to something quite spectacular. The show is called Process because we get to see the pieces being created by each artist taking part hence we have a front row seat to view the creative process from the very beginning to the very end.

If you would like a safe space to relax and be taken away by colours, visit BKhz and take the chance to interact with Banele Khoza.

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