Don’t be a Sphe, be a Sbu

Don’t be a Sphe, be a Sbu

As varsity students, there is no telling how we intend to go about our everyday lives. We either choose to attend lectures or not, we choose to regularly clean our rooms or just cleans once in a while.

We took a journey with two students, Sphe and Sbu, who showed how their day to day is like as well as giving us an insight into how their spaces are generally like. We took this journey to get an insight as to how different students tackle exam time and how they cope under the pressures of exam stress and the results were mind-blowing.

Firstly we meet Sphe. Sphe is a lady who enjoys her leisure time and is constantly on the phone texting or calling her friends or engaging in online shopping. She’s definitely one to sleep in due to the long hours she spends on the phone with her friends and this results in her being late for class or tutorials the next day. Generally, this means that she will clean her place once in a while.

In her studies, judging from her lifestyle she is obviously behind with her school work and this causes her more amounts of stress because as exam time approaches she has to go through an entire semester’s worth of work just to be ready for her exams and one can safely say that her test marks do not look good at all. This now leads to her eating unhealthy snacks and consuming insane amounts of energy drinks just to get through the amount of work she has to cover and this will eventually lead to her panicking and not doing well in her exams.

Next, we meet Sbu. Sbu is a gent who is organized. He plans his activities for the day in advance so that he knows what he’s doing and when he is doing it. Some may say he’s a neat freak but that just the type of person he is. He gets a lot of time to rest, he has plenty of time to focus on his school work and he definitely makes time to have fun as well.

This helps sbu in keeping up to date with his school work which reduces the stress of studying an entire semester’s work in a few days because he already has the notes made and for him, it’s just a matter of revision. Having time set apart for relaxation helps him reduce stress and it helps him stay focused when he hits the books again.

Between Sphe and Sbu, we see how students typically live and it shows us the typical mindsets students have whether first year or final year. Going into exam season, make sure you rest, eat healthy and keep a healthy lifestyle.

Having met these two students, we urge you to not be a Sphe this exam season but be a Sbu!

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