2022 BOOKING PROCESS: Why booking a bed is EASY!

2022 BOOKING PROCESS: Why booking a bed is EASY!

Living and learning at South Point is just a few clicks away.

Here’s how you secure your bed at South Africa’s largest provider of off-campus student accommodation.

1. Private-paying

this means your monthly rental would be self-financed.

Simply follow the steps provided in the video above by visiting book.staysouthpoint.co.za, login/register your profile and make your booking. Once done, you would need to ensure the following:

  • First month’s rental is paid
  • Your refundable deposit of the same above is paid
  • The booking fee of R1,100 is settle prior to finalizing your lease.

Once your booking has been successful, kindly use the reference number provided at the end of your booking to make your payment.

You may then proceed to the office with the following particulars:

  • Your proof of payment
  • Your ID
  • Your mobile device

2. NSFAS funded

this means your monthly rental would be financed via your Campus Financial Aid office.

Did you know South Point is NSFAS-accredited at a number of higher institutions across the country? With this being said, your monthly rental would be covered via your assigned institutionally-allocated housing allowance and you would be safely, securely accommodated at South Point in no time.

We accept NSFAS-funded stay for students studying at the following institutions:

  • University of Witswatersrand (Wits)
  • University of Johannesburg (UJ)
  • University of Pretoria [Main Campus, Arts Campus & Arcadia Campus]
  • Tshwane University of Technology (TUT)
  • Nelson Mandela University (NMU)

To find out how you can book your bed as an NSFAS student, click here.

3. Bursar funded

this means that your monthly rent would be funded by your Bursar Office.

Are you funded by a private bursar? We are able to house you in one of our South Point buildings nationwide.

Kindly get in contact with us at admin@staysouthpoint.co.za or call 060 018 9901 during office hours (Mon-Friday, 8am-5pm), to confirm if your bursar is an accredited South Point bursar.

Please do ensure you have the following on hand when making your bursar-funded query:

  • The name of your bursar
  • Your bursar confirmation letter
  • Contact details of your bursar

Once successfully assured – feel free to make your booking by logging in/registering your profile and selecting your room of choice via the steps provided in the video above. You can do so at book.staysouthpoint.co.za.

Here’s to joining the South Point community. We look forward to helping you #studentbetter!


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    Rebecca Huang
    12th Nov 2021

    How much is it to rent a penthouse 56 Jorissen street? Can I live with my spouse because I will be studying and he will be working?

      • avatar
        27th Feb 2022

        I’m a UJ GCRA funded student I wanted to ask if you allow GCRA funded students to stay at 56 jorissen and how should I book as a private payer or?

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