South Point channels to report your queries

South Point channels to report your queries

Dear Students

It has come to our attention our student population is not necessarily aware of the various reporting channels we have provided to you to report your queries and complaints. To assist in making your lives easier and so you can receive an efficient and effective resolution to your submitted queries, we will outline the channels that can be used for the various queries.

SouthPoint Maintenance App

In the event you need to report a maintenance problem within your room or your building common areas you can only report via the South Point Maintenance App. The app was re-developed for you as the customer in mind. The new developments are as follows to name a few

  • more user friendly
  • you can rate the job once completed
  • user only needs to log in once
  • there is more information on the status of each request
  • and ultimately it provides easier communication between South Point and you the user

The app also ensures the request submitted are resolved within the service SLAs (turn-around-times). Please download the app via iStore or PlayStore on your personal device. If you are unable to download the app due to space issues on your phone then you can log requests via the tablet – which can be found at the reception area of your building.


If you are experiencing Wi-Fi related issues, you need to send an email to When sending the email please included the following details in your email:

  • Full Names
  • ID Number
  • Building name
  • Room number

You will receive an email confirming your ticket has been opened, ticket has been assigned and when your ticket has been closed/resolved. Remember to rate the service you received after your ticket is closed.


Please ensure you have uploaded all the required documents on the refunds application portal. If you have completed the above and have not received assistance please email in which the refunds administrator will be alerted on your query and will attend to the matter with 24 hour of your request being sent.

Customer Support Centre

If you have any further queries or concerns, please contact  which is managed by our capable customer support agents (Please note that this email address is only monitored during standard office working hours, so there may be a delay in our response to after-hours queries). You can also call the customer support centre on 060 018 9901 during office hours.

Stay Safe

Stay South Point


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    14th Aug 2020

    Who is applicable to apply for a refund?

  • avatar
    16th Aug 2020

    Are you saying that students who are using bursaries or NSFAS will not be refunded?

  • avatar
    2nd Sep 2020

    Hello , since social distancing is being implemented everywhere in the building with red taps and also since the country has moved up to level 2, Is it possible for the study rooms to open ?

  • avatar
    Ndaedzo Munyai
    2nd Oct 2020

    Hi. Do I still have to get a permit to come back to South Point residence even now when we are in level of of national lockdown?

  • avatar
    Mukhethwa Ramudzuli
    13th Oct 2020

    I’m highly disappointed in South Point’s service🤧💔we reported maintance problem in my building(Geldenhuys) last month…today is the 13th and nothing has been fixed. Almost everything is not working. We are also experiencing the same issue with WiFi in almost all Braam SP buildings. We report daily but nothing is getting fixed. We are commencing with final exams next month, and your WiFi don’t work, how are we going to afford more than a GB everyday?
    I rate SP and its service 0/10👎🚮

  • avatar
    5th Nov 2020

    the year is ending and I’m aware that we should receive permits from school ,cant there be a way that south point can resolve the issue of learners who didn’t receive permit to come and fetch their clothes some of us are not returning to NMU anymore we will attending to other institution

  • avatar
    Mohale Koketso
    15th Nov 2020

    Does south point have plans to accomodate the fact that the academic year extends till january?Will we still be required to have vacated by the 30th?

  • avatar
    Erica Gambushe
    20th Nov 2020

    Good day
    I would like to know if I can fetch my belongings at res and what is the procedure for that.

  • avatar
    3rd Sep 2021

    Hi who do you have to report noise disturbances to, because I have been kept up for four consecutive days by the people who live above me on the 9th floor at 56 Jorissen. I have reported the matter to the security countless times. I am always told that they are aware but nothing gets done.

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