1. a willingness to take bold risks.

When we sat to brainstorm June’s theme for Clic the one thing that become a recurring sentiment was that June 16 really belongs to the youth of 1976 and not so much those who came post that. Which is problematic considering how much culture, patterns, thoughts and behaviours have changed. It’s almost as if we are living in the shadows of our older siblings while they refuse to grow up and put on high school uniform on the same day each year.

So we had a thought – what if the faces and icons of June 16 were interchangeable with the seasons? How would those icons look and does that mean we erase the memory of, for example, Hector Pieterson or Tsietsi Mashinini?

Here is what we, as Clic, propose to you. The idea of an “updated” icon is scary and that’s because change usually is. But if you take the time to reflect on what Youth Day means to you in 2019 you might struggle a little to come up with something you’re convicted in. Let this poetry piece be the first of many thoughts as we celebrate Youth Month.

About the poet:

Bongumusa Mnisi is an actor and writer who found a love for performance when she enrolled at The Helen O’Grady Drama Academy in her high school years. She went for further training at AFDA Johannesburg where she obtained her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Live Performance. With that, Bongumusa has featured in stage productions, several short films and a TV production. Over the years, she found a love for writing and has involved herself in the writing processes of the productions she performs in. She now studies playwriting at The Market Theatre Laboratory’s TsaMmu Playwrights Course, where she continues to develop and sharpen her writing skills. Bongumusa was also one of the five finalists for the Distell National Playwrights competition for emerging and new voices in the theatre scene. Her goals include growing in this field of art by creating and performing in narratives that explore and challenge the depths of humanity.

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