A Meeting with Audacity

A Meeting with Audacity

In life, we have go-getters and we have people who are forever inhabited in their comfort zones. As defined in our first blog post, Audacity is all about being bold and daring and taking on challenges you never thought you would or to put it in simpler terms, conquering your fears.

In most instances, people who are set in their comfort zones never really get to venture into different avenues but they stay content with doing the same thing over and over again. The audacity campaign, as mentioned before, was created to help us, as students, build up the courage to do things that we claim are impossible to do. In most cases, we find that there are students who prefer to cook alone, study alone, chill alone and do almost everything on their own. This is not because they do not like the people around them but it is because they suffer from social anxiety. Some students fear that if they go out to a place they do not know they will find themselves in a situation that they cannot escape (Agoraphobia). Audacity is that push that will give you the courage to start conversations with people randomly

Nobody wants to hear it but building courage takes time and work – nobody goes to bed terrified of something and then wakes up feeling brave and ready to tackle it. You need to make the decision to work towards conquering certain fears. Here are 4 ways for you to practically become braver:

  1. Admit that you’re scared – The confession is the first and, often, the hardest part of being audacious. Acknowledge that you feel the way you feel. You will be able to better deal with your emotions when you’re honest about them.
  2. Name your fear – Being specific about what scares you allows you to be specific about how to deal with it.
  3. Be vulnerable – When you are vulnerable then it becomes that much easier for you to be coached through whatever it is that you need to be overcoming. Be open to trying something you’ve never done to achieve things you’ve never had – like audacity.

Build on to what you do have control over – Starting from nothing is incredibly scary and may push you to not going through with the process of becoming braver. Start with what’s working already and add to that.

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