Dear student,

As South Africa is now on alert Level 3, South Point and your university has commenced with the process for the return of students to contact learning and residential living.

South Point will take a phased approach to students returning to its residences, in line with the phased return-to-learning methodology taken by your institution. The first phase of students to be processed will be you, the student who is currently in South Point’s residence, with your required action item as follows:

ANSWER OUR ONLINE COVID-19 HEALTH SCREENING SURVEY: Please log on to and fill in the online health screening form by no later than Friday, 19 June 2020. it is important to note that no existing (or future) residents will be allowed access to South Point residences without completing this form.

Please ensure you fill in the health screening survey by this Friday, 19 June 2020. Please note that the online form is compulsory. If the health survey is not completed, fingerprint access will be deactivated for those who don’t comply.

If you have any queries or concerns around the return process, or your account, please contact (please note that this email address is only monitored during standard office working hours, so there may be a delay in our response to after-hours queries).

Stay safe, South Point


  • Zinhle
    28th May 2020

    I want to return to the south point res

  • Bongani Ntuli
    29th May 2020


  • Boitumelo
    30th May 2020

    The survey doesn’t want to submit

  • Simamkele Matwa
    17th Jun 2020

    I cant Submit the questionnaire because I am already in SP

    • avatar
      South Point
      18th Jun 2020

      Hi Simamkele – please relogin into the portal and upload a medical clearance letter. This can be obtained from any healthcare practitioner including your nearest pharmacy or health-care store.

  • Stone
    19th Jun 2020

    Why activate biometrics during the pandemic ? .. I mean like that’s a complete way of increasing the risk of contamination amongst students.

  • Ngeli
    23rd Jun 2020

    You can use other mechanism/ Strategy this will increase the risks of getting COVID-19

  • Anele langa
    17th Jul 2020

    Hi South point I can’t upload my permit or any document from my institution so I can’t complete my application

    • avatar
      South Point
      17th Jul 2020

      Hi Anele – please kindly use a different browser or a Desktop to complete your application.

  • Soso
    1st Aug 2020

    Hi I’ve been applying for returning to res for several times but you guys never approved my application.

    • avatar
      South Point
      5th Aug 2020

      Hi Soso – kindly note that for all head-leased buildings, there is an approved list of students eligible for return as set by the university. Should you not appear on this list, your application will not be approved but yet remains on our system for when your institution authorises your return. For more on this, please consult your university’s Housing Department.

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